Our process

We take care of our Pieces every step of the way

Choosing light for a space is a complicated part of the interior decoration process, it needs thoughtful planning.

Our team of experts can guide you through when selecting your lighting systems, working with them will start by receiving your inquiry, then our team will help you answer some questions such as:

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What will the lighting usage be within small or big spaces?


Are you seeking to create a focal point?


The nature of the space?


What kind of style or authenticity you are looking for?

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After assessing and becoming comfortable with the answers, then at the second phase; we will showcase options of hand sketches for the imagined pieces, and recommend selecting an option that is in synergy with the desired style in which it will be used to finalize the 3D renders.

In the last phase, our team will prepare a technical workshop drawing, so you can have a clear concept of the light installation and envision the real feel and look of the chosen arrangement before making the decision that matches your concept renders.

At LUMINA, we are identified by linking endless possibilities of bold and ingeniously lighting and makes dreams come to reality

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