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Our expertise in interior lighting has lit the essence of design and craftsmanship
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About Lumina

Lumina was established as a light interior company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, providing the market with a customized bespoke collection of lighting pieces since 2012.

We, at LUMINA, offer selective choices of luxurious light installations in different types, styles, shapes, and sizes that fulfill any lighting needs.

Be it a contemporary or classic one, our luxurious pieces of chandeliers, wall lanterns, and ceiling fixtures, table and floor lighting meet the specific desires of clientele and interior designers who look for this specific element in their selection when it comes to lighting; to revitalize and enrich any space.

Our signature unconventional designs reach far beyond the ordinary; creating a balance of lighting that is practical and reflects creativity for those who make art part of their lifestyle.

Our collection of elite designers’ artwork has always created waves of shadow and light in a harmonic way, expressing the sophistication and elegance of European brands in the lighting industry, introducing them to the Saudi market, offering us a versatile and different edge over the competitors.

Over the years, we have proudly built a reputation as a trusted lighting company, that catered to immense projects in the society from private luxury residences to opulent villas of VIPs and royalty to international hotels and Restaurants.

Only because we carefully select impeccable designs that represent craftsmanship for every masterpiece we offer them.

Our vast expertise and deep understanding of customers’ taste has qualified us to offer a private consultation with our pool of experts to help them envision the glow that goes with the luminous they seek in their interiors. Alongside, we had years of successful collaborations, providing our expertise to some of the most iconic designers in the Saudi scene becoming a reliable reference for interior decorators and lighting consultants who look for originality and functional decorative lighting.

Our philosophy is about exquisite elegance and our aim is for us to be the providers of that elegance in the region.
We look for flawless designs and take pride in every brand we represent, for each apiece to adds a distinctive touch of flair.

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