Creations with a touch of soul since 1586






Since 1586, the vibrate, unrivaled, dense, clear, and luminous Saint-Louis’ crystals; are born from a ball of fire and the breath of man, with the immense talent inherited from history and the extraordinary creative fantasy inspired by current trends.

In 1767, two centuries after its foundation, Louis XV conferred the title of Royal Glassware of Saint-Louis to the M¸ntzthal glassware, ancestor city of Saint-Louis-lËs- Bitche in Lorraine (in the East part of France), where Saint-Louis is still based.

Fifteen years later, with the development of the manufacturing formula of crystal, the manufactory is renamed Royal Cristallerie of Saint-Louis.

Every day, Saint-Louis signs crystal creations tableware, vases, chandeliers, and candelabras crafted by master glass blowers and cutters considered to be among the very best in France (ìMeilleurs Ouvriers de Franceî).

All possess irreplaceable knowledge and ancestral skills that have been enriched from generation to generation.
With each new innovation, Saint-Louis continues to forge the very essence of its identity by delving into the heart of the decorative movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.